Vegan Edamame Mushroom Pea Veggie Patty Recipe

I love veggie burgers! Whenever I am at a restaurant that makes their own homemade veggie patty, it’s always what I order. Earl mentioned how we should make our own, so I stumbled across this recipe on “Healthy, Happy, Life” (http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2009/07/mean-green-edamame-soy-burger-spicy.html) and changed things up a bit to create it to our own liking.

This will create about 5 patties depending on how thick or thin you want it.


1 cups cooked edamame beans (1 frozen shelled bag at Trader Joe’s work great)

1 cup Brown Rice (which will be made to fried rice, used the microwavable package to save time with cooking the rice, unless you have some brown rice lying around)

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 1/2 cups mushrooms

1 cup frozen peas

1 cup sesame rice crackers

*Got all ingredients at Trader Joe’s


  1. Boil water and cook edamame (follow directions on bag, takes about 10 minutes)
  2. While you are boiling the edamame, fry the cooked brown rice. Add soy sauce to brown rice, mix, and cook for about 5 minutes.
  3. Deshell edamame to 1 cup
  4. Mix edamame and fried brown rice, then add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, let it marinate for a few minutes
  5. Cook mushrooms till they turn light brown
  6. Microwave and heat up peas
  7. Mix mushrooms and peas, then blend in a food processor
  8. Take edamame and rice mixture, then blend in food processor
  9. Blend crackers into fine crumbs (no need to clean each time you blend)
  10. Combine veggie and rice mixture together
  11. Fold in cracker crumbs to mixture
  12. Use hands to form patties
  13. Cook patty for about 2 minutes on each side on a olive oil greased pan

We are still trying to figure out how to keep the patty together, because it gets a little crumbly but still delicious and full of flavors!

Enjoy with wheat bread, pita bread, or burger buns. For condiments, we used: organic ketchup, pesto, and edamame hummus.

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